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Have you ever received hateful words because of your body, gender, sexuality, or relationship? Re-telling is a short game about turning their hateful mistakes into wholesome love.

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorXurxe Toivo García
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagsfeminism, hate, interactive-nonfiction, lgbtq, love, Queer, Transgender, Twine
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, High-contrast, One button


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The idea of this game was original and inspiring. It showcases the power of words; it juxtaposes words of hate with words of affirmation and love, emphasizing how much more appealing the latter is. It also raises a point about the effects of our words with respect to another. Overall, I think what should be taken from the game is the message that it presents, not its gameplay.

I loved this game because it exemplifies how we can turn negative  statements about ourselves into positive statements that are better for our overall mental health.  It showcases the harmful statements that are frequently made in reality due to fat phobia, misogyny, body shaming, and more. It delves into deep subjects that may be triggering for some (I loved the inclusion of the content warning), but I feel that these are important subjects for discussion. We must address and curtail this negativity and shaming. I love the concept behind this game!

I love the idea of this game, and how original this is. It was so deep and it made me feel better each time I corrected each “mistake.” The message of this game could definitely be applied to my real life, and I think it’s important that we translate all the hateful things, whether we say it to ourselves or someone says it to us, to love and truth. It’s important to write a love letter for ourselves, and this game allows us to find the beauty and truth in an insult.

That was beautiful. I loved it so much and everytime I clicked to correct something it gave me a rewarding bit of joy. We should practice doing this for each other all the time and normalize loev and support. Love conquers all <3

I really like the overall message of this. We don't always consider how are words can deeply affect others, because some people can dwell on certain words you say without you even realizing it. This kinda shows how changing your vernacular and seriously go a long way.

This is so beautiful. I love what the creator did by not only depicting the hurtful words but also the kind words that should replace them. It is often appalling, the things people say to each other. Words do indeed hurt and we have all felt that pain. This game made me see the beauty in kind words especially when contrasted with their hurtful counterparts. 

This game was so original because it was so relatable. Often times hateful words are the only comments people receive. To switch to positive comments after the hateful ones made the game even more empowering.  

This is really important and necessary for some people to check out. I like games like these because they do more than just provide a temporary dopamine boost, they are empowering and have a message.

This feels so empowering and refreshing.  I could play this game for hours lol <

Loved this so much, really lovely words of empowerment, encouragement, support, and love. When the words changed into more positive things, I often found myself snapping or saying stuff like "yesss" as if I was hyping up a friend and/or myself. 

very lovely use of high contrast text. beautiful messaging. extremely original.